Installation I | Where Ocean Meets Desert

Once upon a time in the land of BlueeyGreen, there lived a turtle, deep deep under the sea.

Consumed with curiosity, he longs to live in the land of ReddyBrown. Starting out where the ocean meets the desert, he trades wet water for dry sand, but soon realizes he is ill equipped to live under the cruel sun. As his dream fades he wonders how to survive in this dry land – perhaps to become like the bee or magpie he has befriended. Close to death he crawls into the healing sands of Chimayo and awaits his fate.

Once upon a time in the land of Africa, there lived a girl, deep in the southern-most tip of the continent. 

Armed with an imagination and a funny accent, she decides to find out what it is like to live in the land of Americas. Over a ten-year journey, she struggles to reinvent herself in her new home. Finally in Taos, New Mexico, she dreams of a blue turtle who wants to live in the desert, and the message becomes clear – adapt to survive while never letting go of who you really are.

The blue turtle emerges from the healing sands of Chimayo, resplendent as a turquoise tortoise, his translucent shell shimmering with aqua hues.  Desert body, ocean shell.

I write and paint this tale from the heart, for the story of the blue turtle is my story – one of physical immigration and spiritual transformation, woven into a reality of paint and words. I dedicate it to all of you who, like myself, are far from your roots.