Creating confident, creative arts practices...  

KickstART Creativity workshops are designed to get an arts practice going or provide fresh inspiration to revive an existing one. The workshops are instructional, fun and very collaborative. Playful, but targeted exercises provide plenty of opportunities to access your innate creativity and find new ideas in the world around you.


Sessions run for 6 weekly sessions (usually on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon) OR over a two day weekend. Class sizes are small, so that you can build from exactly where you are in your life. The workshops include all materials needed, so just bring your most engaged self - the rest is provided.

Click here for dates of upcoming classes and signup. PLEASE NOTE: ALL WORKSHOPS ARE ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE...


“Taking the KickstART Creativity workshop led by Nanci Price Scoular was a wonderful experience that opened my eyes to new ways of exploring visual ideas and continually readdressing them to discover new directions and techniques."
- Linda Marshall, Blaine WA

“The level of time, effort, research and creativity which Nanci brought to this workshop was nothing short of impressive. Her depth of knowledge, supportive coaching, level of organization and her creative use of resources for every class clearly demonstrated Nanci’s passion for her craft and her ability to instill confidence in all those who participated.”
- Nancy McCallister, San Francisco CA

Blurring the Lines - A workshop designed around Collage + Paint

Color + Acrylic 101 - A workshop on the basics of Color Mixing + Acrylic Paint